Customized and cost-effective refurbishment of schools contaminated with PAH using a patented method.

What is Luftkurholz?

Elimination of PAH

A patented method for a significant reduction or complete elimination of PAH (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons) pollution in buildings.

Next Level Refurbishment

The system includes targeted measures for refurbishment and the use of coordinated materials.

Stay healthy

The result are renovated rooms without health risks from air pollution.

We specialize in...


Depending on the type and extent of pollution, an individual approach is applied


High purity activated carbon binds the remaining toxic substances and ensures a pleasant room climate.


Toxic substances are permanently isolated and further evaporation is thus prevented


Contaminated materials must be disposed and all surfaces must be subjected to a fundamental cleaning and must be sealed.

Our Commitment

  • Selection and definition of the necessary measures
  • Delivery of the coordinated materials
  • Organisation and implementation of the individual measures, which are carried out by local crafts enterprises.


Reduction of PAH contamination in classrooms of the Bernhard Overberg primary school in Gronau/Epe

Cost-effective & customized refurbishment with Luftkurholz

In classrooms of the Bernhard Overberg primary school Gronau/Epe


Measured values of PAH from 10 to 27 micrograms/m3

Primary PAH source: Parquet flooring adhesive
Massive PAH deposits behind skirting boards
Furniture, curtains and walls heavily contaminated with PAH


Measured values of PAH below the detection limit (< 3μg/m3)

Disposal of furniture, curtains etc. Fundamental cleaning of all surfaces
Filling the parquet gaps + sealing the parquet
VOC reduction through built-in cupboards and bulletin boards

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