Luftkurholz b.v.

About us

Sustainable and creative solutions for everyone!

Under this heading, Prof. Dr. Luthe and his team developed the vision of improving what is good and redesigning for better solutions. The results must meet their own high demands for quality, safety, ecology and economy. Only then will a patented idea become a product for everyone.

Team Luftkurholz

Prof. Dr. Gregor Luthe

Chemist and Toxicologist

Gregor Luthe already specialized in organic compounds during his diploma studies in chemistry in Münster. Later he researched the toxicity of volatile organic compounds and their binding by coal. He wrote his doctoral thesis in chemistry at the Free University of Amsterdam (the Netherlands) and his doctoral thesis in toxicology at the University of Iowa (USA). He still holds a visiting professorship in Iowa today. He has worked at universities in Trondheim (Norway), Hawaii (USA), Enschede (Netherlands) and Bremen. In addition, Gregor Luthe was Technical Director and partner in Chiron, a company offering specially developed chemical analyses. He is co-founder of two nanotechnology companies: Smart Material Printing and Nanobay.
Gregor Luthe is the inventor of the Luftkurholz.

Andreas Kwekkeboom

Master joiner and carpenter

Andreas Kwekkeboom has been working as a carpenter for 39 years and has been an independent master (german certification) with his own workshop for 28 years. His focus was on the construction of sustainable and innovative wooden houses of all kinds. The possibility to use wood – in combination with coal – for air cleaning inspired him, naturally.
Andreas Kwekkeboom contributes his decades of experience with wood and is in charge of the technical development and production of the Luftkurholz.

Dr. Matthias Bischoff

Psychologist & Neuroscientist

After studying psychology in Giessen, Matthias Bischoff wrote his doctoral thesis there in the field of neuroscience. He worked at universities in Münster and Enschede (Netherlands). In his opinion, the health consequences of indoor pollution with volatile organic compounds interact with psychological aspects. His interest in wood as a building material and in old wooden furniture led him to use activated carbon as a solution to the problem.
Matthias Bischoff is a co-inventor of Luftkurholz.