Eliminates toxic substances • Customized • Cost-effective

why Luftkurholz?

Indoor air is polluted with harmful chemicals (volatile organic compounds, VOCs) that evaporate from building materials, such as doors, carpets, ceilings, wallpapers, paints, and from furnishes such as cupboards, sofas, and textiles. Health impairments can be the consequence, from headaches, tiredness, performance reduction and sleep disturbances up to allergies and irritations of the respiratory tract, asthma – known as “Sick Building Syndrome” or also “Building related illnesses”.

our solution

Our solution is “Luftkurholz” – composite panels for system ceilings that use activated carbon to clean the indoor air of these harmful chemicals. Luftkurholz has the ability to eliminate harmful chemicals, just like activated carbon does in the body with gastrointestinal complaints. Activated carbon can do this, because it has a very large active surface area of 1,500 m2 per gram! That’s why 20 g of activated carbon in the car filter is enough to clean ~100,000 km of road exhaust. Luftkurholz reduces the volatile harmful chemicals in the ambient air, making it demonstrably healthier.


Your body will thank you

Take a deep breath back into your home. Luftkurholz cleans your indoor air.

The environment will thank you

Luftkurholz is made of natural materials. The binding agents and the surface coating do not emit VOCs.

Your wallet will thank you

Luftkurholz is durable, which will give you pleasure every day for a long time.

The Heads Behind Luftkurholz

Prof. Dr. Gregor Luthe is a passionate toxicologist. One of his central questions is how we can create a healthier living environment for ourselves. Sensitive people should also be able to feel comfortable in their own four walls and be spared health problems caused by harmful substances in the home. Thus, the idea to the Luftkurholz was born and a team from experts of most diverse fields was arranged, in order to reach the highest measure of functionality and quality.